Clan Anderson, List of Established Families

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Authentic records showing the descendants of Anderson, MacAndrew & Gillanders families are to be found in various official depositries around the UK, in published material and also in the private archives of many individuals who preserve their family history with care. This is the aim of the Clan Anderson Association to build up a database that can be cross-referenced. The association published The journal “The Adrean.”


(published or in preparation)

Anderson, Wick (Caithness)

Anderson in Fendom (Rosshire)

Anderson of Kinneddar (Morayshire)

Anderson of Bishopmill (Morayshire)

Anderson of Linkwood (Morayshire)

Anderson, Boharm (Morayshire)

Anderson of (Wester-) Ardbrake & Westerton (Banffsh)

Anderson, Fordyce (Banffshire)

Anderson of Balmedie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Milton of Noth (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Newton of Premnay (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Bruntstane (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Dummois (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Dumbennan (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Merdrum (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Candacraig (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Phingask (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Rispond House (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Finzeauch (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Migvie, (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Tarland (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Logie Coldstone (Aberdeenshire)

Seton-Anderson of Mounie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Leitfie (Angus)

Anderson, Auchrannie (Angus)

Anderson of Inchyra (Perthshire)

Anderson of Montrave (Fife)

Anderson of Kingask (Fife)

Anderson of Newbiggin (Fife)

Anderson of Croft House (Fife)

Anderson of Northfield (Fife)

Anderson, Freuchie (Fife)

Anderson of Pittormie (Fife)

Anderson, Dunfermline (Fife)

Anderson of Tannoch (Stirlingshire)

Anderson of Tulliechewan (Dunbartonshire)

Anderson of Stobcross (Dumbartonshire)

Anderson of Cleugh (Lanarkshire)

Anderson of Bowdenlea (Lanarkshire)

Anderson of Dowhill (Renfrewshire)

Anderson, Paisley (Renfrewshire)

Anderson of Cobbinshaw (West Lothian)

Anderson of Winterfield (East Lothian)

Anderson of Stoneyhill (East Lothian)

Anderson of Whitburgh (East Lothian)

Anderson of Windygoul (East Lothian)

Anderson of St Germain (East Lothian)

Anderson of Grace Dieu (Waterford)

Anderson of Moville (Co Donegal)

Anderson of Flushtown & Bawn (Co Tyrone)

Anderson of Little Harle Tower (Northumberland)

Anderson of Broughton (Lincolnshire)

Anderson of Lea (Lincolnshire)

Anderson of Erbury (Warwickshire)

Anderson of Haswell Grange (Durham)

Anderson of Jesmond (Newcastle)

Anderson of Wraby (Lincolnshire)

Anderson, Ashbourne (Derbyshire)

Anderson, Manchester (Lancashire)

Anderson of Mill Hill (Middlesex)

Anderson of Eyeworth (Bedfordshire)

Anderson of St Ives (Cambridgeshire)

Anderson of Penley (Hertfordshire)

Gayer-Anderson of Lavenham (Suffolk)

Anderson-Pelham (Earl of Yarborough)

Duncombe-Anderson (Lord Feversham)

Gillanders of Highfield (Rosshire)

McAndrew of Headley Park (Hampshire)

MacAndrew of Pallinghurst (Sussex)


(about which information is sought:)

Anderson, Pluscarden (Morayshire)

Anderson of Struderis (Morayshire)

Anderson of Mathie Milne (Banffshire)

Anderson of Dallachy (Banffshire)

Anderson of Auchenreath (Banffshire)

Anderson, Strichen (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Boyndlie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Crimmond (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Maud (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Mintlaw (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Fingask (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Rothienorman (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Bourtie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson of Chapletown (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Fyvie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Clatt (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson in Bogs of Leslie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Towie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Comisty (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Hillbrae (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Yonder Bognie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Milton of Auchinhove (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Lumphannan (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Drumlassie (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Drumoak (Aberdeenshire)

Anderson, Glenisla (Angus)

Anderson of Balgay (Angus)

Anderson, Balmullo (Fife)

Anderson, Baldinnie (Fife)

Anderson, Struthers (Fife)

Anderson, Leslie (Fife)

Anderson of Tushielaw (Selkirkshire)

Anderson of Eskdale (Selkirkshire)

Anderson of Manby (Lincolnshire)

Anderson of Fermoy (Co Cork)

Anderson, London

Anderson, Inverness

Anderson, St Petersburg (Russia)

Kinloch Anderson, Edinburgh

M’Andrew, London

Macandrew, Ceylon

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  1. admin says:

    We’re looking for Andersons to join our Anderson group on The groups at:

    Hope to see you there!

  2. Dale A Anderson says:

    I have always wanted to trace back my Anderson roots. I have about 10 generations from my current children back to John Anderson Born @1769 in Scotland. I have a detailed American family history that gets less sure at the time of Arrival from the old country. I would love to share what I have and would love to connect more links in the family tree.

    Warm Regards

    Stand Sure

    Dale A Anderson

    1-907-488-7807 USA
    541 Roberts Roost Rd
    Fairbanks Alaska 99712

  3. Marie Gillander, Sweden says:

    Very interesting article!
    Do you know if there is any Gillanders who migrated to Sweden?

  4. A branch of the Flushtown and Bawn Andersons that have traced ancestry back to John Knox’s church at Haddingtonaround the 1530′s but need more information about who were members of that church, because one of our ancestors was possibly married by Knox. What early written sources are there for pursuing these lines further-if any?

    • B.Deegan says:

      Interested in your question especially as you have got your family back so far.I have only managed mine to the 1700′s.
      Interested to know if you are the same WSA that I knew in London in 1970′s.

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